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Technical JV to boost domestic stamping and die building industry

The technical JV between Dayton and Marut Techno will help boost the stamping and die building industry in the country, which has been driven by the growth in the Indian automobile sector

Dayton Progress Corporation USA has joined force with Marut Techno Tools Pvt Ltd, India to set up manufacturing unit. The joint effort is set to propel growth of the stamping and die building industry in India. Dayton is a world leader in the technology of die components, specially punches, button dies, retainers and pilots.

Under the new agreement, Dayton will set up a manufacturing centre in India with Marut Techno Tools as its partner. For the last 7 years, Marut Techno Tools has been the sole distributor of Dayton Progress, serving mainly the Indian automobile industry and sheet metal industries. The growth of automotive industry will result in the increase of die building and sheet metal industries, driving the need for urgent delivery of quality die components. With a wide gamut of products to offer, the new partnership will facilitate Marut in meeting the die components requirement of die building and sheet metal industries in India.
Anil Kumar Sahay, CEO of Marut Techno Tools, said, “We are looking forward to Dayton-Marut capturing the Indian automotive industry by providing leading-edge, real-world solutions through the wide range of both standard and customised products. The joint venture has strengthened the long standing relationship with Dayton, which has been so important to us over the years. We are pleased to team up with Dayton to extend our presence in this expanding high potential market.”
Satoshi Ojima, director of Dayton Progress Corporation, said, “We are eager to join with Marut Techno Tools to address the manufacturing needs of standard products in India. Based on mutual trust through our long-term relationship of 7 years, we firmly believe that Marut is the best technical JV partner for Indian manufacturing centre.”
With an approach to manufacture world class quality products at competitive price and high delivery time, the plan of expansion is divided into two phases. The first phase of the joint venture will witness Marut start producing press fit punches, button dies and pilots as per the needs of the Indian customer and in the second the company will manufacture retainers and special punches. Dayton plans to produce not only standard components but also special components by Dayton/Marut Manufacturing Centre by 2013.
Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

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