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Green manufacturing gaining pace in India

With the world concentrating on implementing greener measures in manufacturing, India is observing the rising trend of green practices in manufacturing

India is fast catching on the green trend that is being adopted worldwide. Domestic companies are increasingly realising the benefits of sustainable practices. The awareness that adopting them will help mitigate their sustainability issues and usher business benefits is driving adoption. According to Frost and Sullivan, adoption of green manufacturing practices is gaining momentum in India. Through its Green Manufacturing Excellence Awards platform and consulting support, the Manufacturing and Process Consulting Practice of Frost and Sullivan has been instrumental in assisting companies adopt green manufacturing practices.

Nitin Kalothia, associate director (Manufacturing and Process Consulting Practice) at Frost and Sullivan - South Asia and Middle East, remarked, “There is an increase seen in the adoption of green technologies over the last decade. However, Indian companies are still at a nascent stage in terms of technology adoption and have a long way to go when compared to their global counterparts. The key evaluation criteria driving this adoption are ‘return on investment’ and ‘regulatory requirements’. A positive development noted is that few companies are chalking out long-term sustainability plans and have modified their day-to-day activities keeping in mind the effect on the environment.”
Recognising the best
Recognition is bestowed on the organisations only after the team of experts at Frost and Sullivan assesses the level of adoption of green manufacturing practices at manufacturing sites across the country. Post inspection, they select the best practices from these sites, which are then presented at the Green Manufacturing Excellence Summit.
According to Vibhu Kapil, owner of Labco, a New Delhi based scientific equipment manufacturer, “Green manufacturing is not only beneficial for the business practicing it but is also a responsible way to safeguard the environment. All manufacturing businesses should practice it.”
The 2012 edition of Green Manufacturing Excellence Summit and Awards was held recently at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai and it put forth the best names in adoption of green practices in manufacturing.
Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

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