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SCADA for Manufacturing

The SCADA for Manufacturing summit aims to streamline processes and improve operational capabilities to enhance quality and reduce costs

With the current requirement for knowledge and technologies in SCADA systems, IQPC is organising the upcoming 2-day SCADA for Manufacturing summit. This industry-led event will cover the latest innovations on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems in the region.

After the wide range of benefits SCADA systems provided to the oil and gas and utilities industries, SCADA systems and its applications are now becoming very popular among the manufacturing sectors. SCADA systems are being used by SMEs as well as the Very-large-scale integrations (VLSIs) to achieve both tangible and intangible benefits and it is increasingly becoming a tool to improve an organisation’s business processes.
With SCADA systems, companies are provided with operational and data system solutions to improve operations and ensure the most efficient use of capital and resources. The region’s manufacturing sectors are utilising SCADA technology as a centralised system for data acquisition across a wide spread of functions and processes in manufacturing and production plants, along with restructuring, monitoring, controlling and streamlining business processes.
As technology constantly evolves and old SCADA and control systems become rapidly outdated, it is critical to replace or at least, upgrade old systems. This is not an easy task, as these systems control plants and networks of vital importance for an organisation or a company.
SCADA for Manufacturing will bring together global experts and regional leaders to discuss the latest developments and challenges of SCADA systems to:
  • Understand new techniques to reduce plant maintenance costs
  • Identify best practice approaches to increase operators efficiency
  • Improve overall effectiveness of the system to achieve higher product quality
  • Learn efficient integration techniques to improve communication between the floor and the office
  • Utilise data in the most effective way to maximise productivity and ensure continuous production
  • Secure networks against unwanted threats and protect mission critical information
Date and venue
SCADA for Manufacturing summit is scheduled to take place from May 24–25 2012 at The Park Hotel in Chennai.
IQPC is the organiser of SCADA for Manufacturing.
Visitors’ Profile
  • Maintenance directors
  • Design directors
  • Engineers
  • IT directors
  • Production managers
  • General managers - manufacturing
  • Maintenance directors
  • Sales directors
  • Department managers
  • R&D directors
  • Automotive and OEM manufacturing units
  • Cement manufacturers
  • Iron and steel industry personnel
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Glass
  • Textiles and Paper Mills
  • Consumer Durables
  • FMCG
  • Apparels and Leather
  • Chemicals
Why attend the conference
This summit will give one the tools to network with industry leaders and review various technologies that are being adapted and implemented within India’s manufacturing plants.
For further information, please contact:
Laxmi Enclave, House No 43/41
Laskar Housoor Road, Adugodi
Bengaluru 560030
Telephone: +91 80 4322 4100 (Switch)
Fax: +91 80 4322 4103
Tel: +91 80 4322 4127

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