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Machinist Case Study

Mindteck helps client with Intelligent Lighting System

Mindteck discusses the way in which it engineered and designed an Intelligent Lighting System to help its client cut down on energy consumption

Mindteck is a global product engineering and IT solutions company, which provides end-to-end services to a Global 2000 and public sector clientele. The company’s vertical focus includes life sciences, hi-tech (smart energy, semiconductor, data storage), financial services/ insurance and the public sector, among others.

Based in Harlow, Essex in the UK, the client is a leading wireless technology solutions provider to the remote monitoring industry. The company specialises in wireless Legionella control, bespoke energy monitoring systems and smart water monitoring and intelligent solutions for the rail industry.
The client was seeking to reduce energy consumption of 200,000 residential street lighting systems in New Hampshire, UK by 35% and transition to intelligent remote control and monitoring of street lamps. To design a monitoring system that will scale to 200,000 street lighting systems while keeping costs low was a challenge. To succeed, the design had to accommodate master controller to the lighting nodes ratio of 1:500.
Intelligent Lighting System
Mindteck came up with a technically adept and cost efficient design for the client that included 1:500 + devices within a single network. Mindteck delivered both hardware and software solutions, which not only addressed the minimum requirements for the client but also ensured scalability for future modifications via software, without any modifications to the hardware. Most future software enhancements can be done wirelessly (ZigBee/ GPRS) from the Centralised Web Server across the whole 200,000 street lighting system.
According to Surjit Lahiri, practice head (Energy, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Storage Verticals) at Mindteck, “Intelligent Lighting System project has the persona that we all want to identify with – enthusing, innovative and vibrant. The project success is an excellent demonstration of teamwork and cohesion achieved by us. Keshav did very well to win amidst strong competition and demanding circumstances. Harish's contributions to win this project were significant, followed by extensive involvement to take on complete delivery responsibilities very soon after the win. The delivery team did an outstanding job with clear alignment to goals and timeline. This project reveals the huge potential of an emerging market and Mindteck's positioning, expertise and commitment to be successful and climb the ladder.”
With the Intelligent Lighting System designed by us, the client will achieve the target of 35% reduction in energy consumption across the 200,000 street lamp network. This will convert to energy savings to the extent of 114,000 kW h and up to US$6 million in cost savings per annum. This will directly reduce the amount of energy purchased and consumed, which is an important and positive step towards addressing climate change. The successful deployment of Intelligent Lighting System has taken our Smart Energy Practice to a higher level of maturity, in terms of understanding the nitty-gritty implementation details in a real-life set-up of this magnitude.
This is a full lifecycle development project including hardware development, and with this success we have again demonstrated our strength in providing end-to-end productised solution to customers. The system is in pilot testing in the county in UK and is now being controlled from our Smart Energy lab in Bengaluru.
The Intelligent Lighting System project clearly exhibits our ability to scale to new heights in meeting demanding customer requirements as well as knowledge in cutting-edge Wireless Sensor Network and ZigBee technologies.
This case study has been done by Mindteck India Ltd.

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